Sweden baby! I love it!

Credits: asharnanae

Wowzers, what a two weeks it was. While I can’t say I enjoyed the two days drive there and back, due to stress (I would rather die than do it again!), Once I was there, Sweden was an EPIC place, I really want to go back and see more of the country, as we only saw one county really. We were based in the historic town of Ronneby, near Karlskrona. We went there for a family holiday because my brothers girlfriend comes for there.

I love being a tourist, taking photos, drawing, journaling, finding tacky tourist fridge magnets! Ahhh, its so much fun :D And I think we went just about everywhere worth going that we could in our area. I would have loved to catch a flight from the local airport and spend a weekend in Stockholm, but it was just a bit too expensive for my budget to stretch too. We went to Karlskrona, Karlshamn, Kosta Boda, Kalmar, Kristianstad and the island of Karon among other places. (they do seem to like their K’s in this county!) But we also spend quite a bit of time just relaxing in Ronneby’s pritty old Town, its massive spa/park and its beautiful unspoilt and mostly deserted coastline of small bays, islands and harbours. Sweden’s Horses also gave me a lot of inspiration on the holiday, I shall be making artwork based on the Dala Horse, Bäckahästen (brook horse) and the norse Sleipnir for some time to come I think.

Kosta Boda and Malaras we amazing to go to, the glassworks were not only really liberal in there access to the glass working rooms/workshops but the artworks and glassware produced were truly beautiful. I wanted so much to have a go at glass blowing myself, but I didn’t have time. And when I say liberal, I mean you were just aloud to wander around and mill about the glass factory pritty much of your own accord, watching the teams of glassworkers at the glory-holes and furnaces from just a few feet away. I think Britian’s ‘Mr Health & Safety Man’ might have had a heart attack at all the accidents just waiting to happen….. not that any did.

I still have around 15 films to process, mostly spinner and lomokino, I have a week on holiday time left though, as term starts again on the 3rd of September. Should get the spinners processed this week at the very least. I kinda spent all of last week sleeping and decompressing from the holiday, and still have yet to put stuff away properly, I am such a slacker sometimes!

Anyways, if you ever want somewhere beautiful and relaxing to go on a holiday, then I recommend Sweden, fantastic place. :D

written by asharnanae on 2012-08-26