Of squidly costumes, photos and life in general.

I am drinking strawberry and lime cider, and thinking of how to make my squid costume. I have been invited to a noahs ark themed costume party, and there was already cats, dogs, and other mammals in abundance, theres even quite a few birds, and one set of portholes! so, I thought to myself, what can I do that wont be a repetition of someone else’s? And then it came to me, The Sea! And I narrowed it down to a Lion Fish, A leafy sea dragon or a squid. And squid kinda won. I think because I am Teaching a sculpture course this weekend, and an octopus is one of the demo pieces.

Its a scorching day too today, which is lovely, I’m gonna break out the tepinyaki hot plate later, and sit in the garden cooking jumbo tiger prawns, halloumi cheese, shallots, mushrooms and peppers. YUM! Feel like i should be out and about taking sunny photos, but still, I have had a lot to do, and still do.

My photography students have been having fun with anthotypes, as well as taking some colour neg and slide films. I have so got into processing my own films that I have bought my own stuff to do it at home, rather than wait for spare time at work.

As I mentioned earlier, I am teaching this weekend. Its a two day Ceramic hand building sculpture workshop. It’s my other specialism, and I get to teach all the cool bits this weekend, like building NiChrome armatures for flax paper clay sculptures, feature modelling and large scale block carving :D If I remember to take photos, I’ll post some up.

So yeah… thats basically me at the moment.

written by asharnanae on 2012-05-25