Lomokino storyboard - summer 1986 ...... 30 years later.

My lomokino movie was inspired partly by the reality of memory rumble (which I meant to go in for, but couldn’t fine any cocktail umbrellas…story for another time) and partly because this is something we have discussed doing in our family before now, but never got around to.

This is the photo that starts the story:

Credits: asharnanae

The movie would chart bringing the 4 granchildren from the photo back to where the photo was taken to retake the photo 30-ish years later (it may well take me 3 years to organise!) My dad still has the same camera, his Zenit EM olympic edition, and he would also take the new photo.

Opening: Photo, Title and outline of story, written in pen, on white paper background, writing to appear in stop motion style, ie write a few words take a frame, write more take another frame etc… then there would a count down to the movie start 3-2-1 GO!

The journeys: One minuet each in length, these segments would follow each cousin from there home to Wittering, stopping to take snap shots along the way, and capture voice recording or written quotes. There would be a hand drawn map just before the arrival scene which would show the journey from place to place, and where photos were taken etc.. At the end of the three segments there would be a short stretch showing us all meeting at the beach.

Recreation of the photo: footage of the 4 of us on the beach, doing things that we used to do, sandcastles, ice-cream eating, playing around etc.. then walking into the village to buy the toys from the toy shop and settling down to take the photos.

Ending: The film would end with a collage of photos being placed down on a black background, new ones and old ones. the it would have outro credits fading to black.

Below are the brief visual storyboards.

Credits: asharnanae

written by asharnanae on 2012-04-29