Anthotypes - labratin' it. :D

I read the LabRat Challenge on the competitions section and was inspired to have a go at Anthotyping.

Its really a pretty easy way to make a photogram, and kind of therapeutic in a weird sort of way, it also appeals to the experimentalist in me.

Credits: asharnanae

I used Tulip Petals, Vodka and Tap Water to make my emulsion, I added the water just because I only had very expensive Vodka, and I didn’t want to use lots of it. I liquidised mine, then strained it though an old piece of fabric. There were Red/Orange, Yellow and Purple tulips and I made individual colour emulsions of each. I soaked heavy cotton rag paper in each solution then put it out in the sun with a leaf/object on top and then covered in a sheet of glass.

The Yellow Petal emulsion had the best colour before exposed, but didn’t come up so well after 8 hours of full sun, unlike the Purple petal emulsion, which looked a very pale grey before exposure and then went Green/Blue, and stronger once exposed.

I didn’t bother to dry my papers before I exposed them either, which has caused a pleasing coloured water mark around the edge of the paper, though I am not sure how this affected the anthotype process itself. I have also made some more sheets out of ‘goldenball’ shrub flowers, a very yellow flower, and have left then to dry in the dark, and I’ll see how well they work tomorrow.

Im thinking about raiding the local superstore for cheap flowers to see what other colours I can go for :D

written by asharnanae on 2012-04-13