Daydream believer........

Its been a strange old week. I have been absolutely knackered for no real reason, with a nebulous headache that seems to pick and choose when it wants to turn up. Though the downs seem to come with the ups. On tuesday I received my photos back from processing, and that was a sixty mile smile moment. LOVE getting photos back, I’m like a 4 year old at Xmas with sugar rush every time :)

Just got another beautiful surprise, I’ve been made UKLomo home of the week, really made my day. They put one of my new Botanical photos up with the post, I gotta say, the x-pro chrome film, gah! just love the colour saturation, especially on the blues. I think I may no become addicted to slide films. I also got some of my first true light leaks, the slide film kept jamming half way through in my diana, I had to wrangle it with it a bit, but mostly looks cool :)

In other bits and pieces,can’t wait for my london tourist trip on the weekend of the 16th. I have a friday of work, long weekend baby!, so i thought I would go do all the London sights, being that I never have. So London hear I come, and Lomokino hear I come too :D

I am trying to spread the lomo love to all my students, I just ordered a Spinner and a Diana for the school, so we shall soon be doing new workshops with those cameras. Fun to come :) I have been also been taking inspration from my students and creating a photo sketchbook of my recent trip to amsterdam, lots of photography, some drawing and a smattering of random stuff and postcards. I adore sketchbook making, don’t get much time for it now though, which is a great shame.

anyways, hope everyone has at least as good a week as me…….

Credits: asharnanae

written by asharnanae on 2012-03-02