Lomo-London :D lomowalk and chinatown.

Its funny, sometimes carrying a camera with you makes you stop and look at things you never would normally.

So, there is me, in a group of 6, lookin like a bit of a freak because im carying a diana and diana mini round my neck, I have a spinner in my hand and an action sampler in my pocket…. and I can’t seam to remember to focus my diana cameras to save my life.

We has a cool start to the day, have our talk And intro to all things lomo at the store, then we went for our walk, squillions of cameras and films in hand :D I think we had one of just about every lomo camera available. Our intended rouit was to walk down to trafalgar square, but we detoured to china town…. and it was chinese new year! YAY :) so we saw all the dragon dancers doing the good luck bit outside of all the shops and buisinesses, which was cool. Random dragon letice eating aside, it was all pritty straitforward, but still amazing. And the sound! so LOUD!

So, we stayed in china town….. and never got to trafalgar square. 20 films later, we had a very late lunch or early supper, and then trouped back off to the store. it was a wonderful day, the colours, shapes and culture just seemed to catch our eyes constantly. I can’t wait to get the rest of the films back now :D

The only other odd bit of the day was the Pythonesque moment at the Train station going home. The tannio changed our platform 3 times! so there was a great hoard of people maddly rushing from platform to platform for about 5 minuets! it was like they were doing it on perpouse as some sort of strange modern art performance….. anyway. Very fun day :)

written by asharnanae on 2012-02-03