close encounters of the first kind


As I arrived here not me .. maybe because someone gave me a wallet of those who are fashion, tyvek paper, with a somewhat striking blue drawing, a wallet pretending to be a camera, but there is that saying? Diana mini? We will make a visit to Mr. Google … Ah! It’s an old film camera … ah, that is not old? But it is 35mm film! Yes man … And so it began.

Credits: ariel_colo

Today I received the package with my new Diana Mini … today my forty years, I have changed, as scared as excited and dim, my first 35 mm film in a camera. Today when my mind had created a Status Quo digital, an innocent gift received little more than a month ago for my birthday, thanks to the curiosity, I opened the doors of analog.

Thank God my wife has the same patience I’s wife in the movie Evan Almighty, is happy that I’m happy, the reaction was different at work: a camera with 35mm film?? But it is new?? What is the price? And what is the price of 35 mm Photographic film and processing? Why do not you buy a digital? The best answer is a smile :)

Pending completion of the film and the first “Photographic processing”

(I apologize for my English, dotted with mine errors, and decorated with google translator.)

written by ariel_colo on 2014-06-17


  1. ksears119
    ksears119 ·

    Happy shooting!

  2. ariel_colo
    ariel_colo ·

    Thanks! I felt the need to dust off my dear old Sony DSC-S30 (first camera I had) to portray Mini Diana, my first film camera.