my top ten


#1: maximum_b is the reason why I joined the lomography community in the first place, I would buy stuff of lomography and would occasionally browse through photos and when I saw this first image I was AMAZED/jealous and knew I had to get my own account and follow his page for more pictures and inspiration.

Credits: maximum_b

#2: fotoglove has the most amazing double exposures EVER, I am obsessed with all of his pictures and try to replicate his style of beautiful girls layered on city scenes.

Credits: fotoglove

#3: rake- I had one of those ‘WOW’ moments when I saw this first picture of hers, and it made me think all my pictures suck in comparison!- especially when I saw the rest of her photos

Credits: rake
  1. hhjm i love his work with the holga especially the panoramas
Credits: hhjm
  1. satomi- a beautiful girl with great style and awesome double exposures
Credits: satomi
  1. ceduxi0n
Credits: ceduxi0n
  1. copefan- the most amazing polaroid pictures ever!
Credits: copefan
  1. 5thdimension-
Credits: 5thdimension
  1. werriston
Credits: werriston
  1. stouf
Credits: stouf

written by aprilrich427 on 2011-10-09


  1. stouf
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    THANKS A LOT !!!

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    Thank you for the mention. That's really sweet of you. x

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