Another patched-together panorama of my immediate surroundings... It was too cold to open the window, and I had to take the photos through a dirty pane. (Four shots from my Werra test roll; Dark Arts by Photoshop.)


  1. boxerclaus
    boxerclaus ·

    Nice stitched photo. I also love your camera. I have both the Werra 1 and 3 and love to use them.

  2. manu2021
    manu2021 ·

    Beautiful pic!

  3. anttihoo
    anttihoo ·

    @boxerclaus Thanks! Mine's a 1E, with the horizontal stripes on the front plate. I wonder if you could tell me if there's some kind of trick to the shutter speed selection ring – I see a bunch of red numbers beyond 2B (maybe super-slow speeds, like whole seconds up to 60?), but the ring doesn't turn that far. The camera came without the lens cap/hood thing and may be missing some other parts as well, as there are two suspicious-looking holes on the ring...

  4. anttihoo
    anttihoo ·

    @manu2021 Thanks!

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