LomoBoy Adventure #4: Unlocking The Prophecies (Part 2)

Credits: antibiotyx

He looks at the map again and reads the next clue:

Analogue beauty is all around
Overtones, nuances + smells, shades + dirt, dust
Roll the dice and be spellbound
You’ll soon meet someone important

Credits: antibiotyx

Upon reaching the right destination, he is welcomed by a mysterious, masked man.

Credits: antibiotyx

Man: Greetings, Lomoboy!
LomoBoy: Are you the one who sent the letter?
Man: No, I was hired by someone to meet you.
LomoBoy: What will I do?
Man: It’s very simple. Just get the right combination for you to get the next clue.

LomoBoy takes the dice and starts playing.


LomoBoy, as expected, gets all the right pairs!


Man: You’ve done well, Lomoboy! Here’s your next clue. And one more thing, as another reward, I’m giving you this magic kite. You might need it in the future. Good luck!”

Credits: antibiotyx

Suddenly, the man floats the dice through the air and recites a few chants as he disappears from his view…

Credits: antibiotyx

LomoBoy is puzzled at what the masked man says. He looks at the next clue which says:

Solve the puzzle, the sequence is easy
Originality, authenticity, eternity
He, who doesn’t look back,
Will never reach his destiny

He proceeds to the next room and finds a collage puzzle.


He studies the puzzle and piece by piece, unravels the message. But he can’t see where the next clue is.

“Have I missed something?” he wonders. He pauses and thinks for a moment.

Credits: antibiotyx

“Okaaaay!” He flips the puzzle and at the back of it, he finds the next clue, which reads:

Patience is a virtue
Go to the library and find the right manuscript
ISBN: 978-3-902217-20-2
Flip the pages to 256

He walks again and follows the directions in the map.

Credits: antibiotyx
Credits: antibiotyx

Upon reaching the library, he’s overwhelmed with the number of books he sees.


“This place is sooo huge. Where in the world will I find that book?” He looks at the catalogue and finds out that the manuscript with ISBN: 978-3-902217-20-2 is the LOMO L-CA Book!

With patience and determination, he starts searching the shelves of the library. After spending a few hours there, he finally finds it. He turns to page 256 and finds the inserted message.


LomoBoy then continues his quest. He looks at the map and realizes that he’s getting much closer to his final stop. But as he walks to his next destination, the digital monsters suddenly appear. They want to steal the key from him!

“Oh no, not again!!!!!”

Credits: antibiotyx

LomoBoy: What do you want from me?
Monster #1: We want that key!
Lomoboy?: Eh? Why?
Monster #2: That’s none of your business! Give the key to us or else you’ll really get it this time!
LomoBoy: NOOOO! I won’t give it to you. It’s mine!!!

Credits: antibiotyx

It’s no use fighting with the digital monsters so Lomoboy immediately thinks of a way to escape. He runs fast…


He then gets the kite given to him by the mysterious masked man from his bag and flies away…


LomoBoy flies into the skies for hours.

Astonishingly, the magic kite lands him to his next destination, where he is greeted by another mysterious man clad in film rolls.

Man: Welcome, Lomoboy! Nice to meet you.
LomoBoy: Who are you?
Man: I am Mister Film. The masked man you met earlier today is a friend of mine. I’m just here to hand over you your final clue.
LomoBoy: Really!? Final clue, for real? Yaaay!

Credits: antibiotyx

LomoBoy takes the envelope and opens it. Inside it he finds a VHS Tape titled “Analogue” and his last clue:

Go back home and play this tape
Let the analogue tunes be your energy
Your journey is almost over
It’s time to use the key!

Credits: antibiotyx

LomoBoy returns home to watch the tape.

WATCH THE VIDEO (http://vimeo.com/26223392)

Something weird happens as he plays the video. LomoBoy’s fatigue abruptly fades. His exhaustion from incessant walking and running turns into enthusiasm. Without wasting any time, LomoBoy hastens and continues his journey.

Credits: antibiotyx

He knows the end of this fun-filled adventure is drawing near, and he can almost taste his victory.

Credits: antibiotyx

Finally, he reaches his final stop – the Gate To Paradise! He uses the giant key to unlock it.

Credits: antibiotyx

As LomoBoy opens the gate, he hears a deafening sound welcoming him.

Surprise, surrrrrrrprise!!!!!!

Credits: antibiotyx

Krrrrrinnnnnggggggggg!!! Krrrrrinnnnnggggggggg!!! Krrrrrinnnnnggggggggg!!! Krrrrrinnnnnggggggggg!!!

Credits: antibiotyx

“What the…!&$%^@!? It’s just a dream! Arrrgh!”

To be continued…

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written by antibiotyx on 2011-07-10


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