LomoBoy Adventure #3 - Unlocking The Prophecies (Part 1)


After hours of walking, LomoBoy successfully finds his first destination. He knocks on the door with the signage but no one answers. So he decides to enter it.

Credits: antibiotyx

What he finds inside are some colorful balloons glued to the wall.

Credits: antibiotyx

“What will I do with these balloons?” he muses.

Credits: antibiotyx

He re-reads the first clue(First Clue) from the anonymous letter.

The map will take you to wonderland
Leave the digital grind behind
What’s left behind is important
Pay attention, don’t be blind!

“Okay! I need to use this dart.” He pops all the balloons, but he can’t seem to find the clue.

Credits: antibiotyx

“Oh, that’s it! What’s left behind is important!!!” He looks on the floor and, astoundingly, finds the message inside a balloon.

Credits: antibiotyx

The next clue reads:

Enter the next room and play
Spin the wheel, it could be your luckiest day!
Get the right combination:
Xpro, vignettes, light leaks, colors
They are analogue satisfaction

So LomoBoy proceeds to the adjacent room.

Credits: antibiotyx

What he finds there is a wheel of fortune. The riddle is pretty much straightforward. All he has to do is get the right combination (Xpro, vignettes, light leaks, colors) to retrieve the next clue.


After several tries and attempts, he’s finally able to point the arrow to the correct terms.

Credits: antibiotyx

He unlocks the code and claims the next clue from an L-CA box at the bottom of the wheel.


Another puzzling message is written in the film roll:

Expect the unexpected on your next location
Follow the map to the plantation
Pick the fruits from an analogue tree
At the bottom of it is a key

He continues on his journey until he reaches his next destination. There’s a long line of trees in the area. He patiently looks for that elusive “analogue tree.”

Credits: antibiotyx

Surprise, surprise!!! LomoBoy can’t believe that he stumbles upon.

Credits: antibiotyx

“OMG!!! Am I dreaming? This is heaven. Unbelievable! The tree bears cameras and films!!!” he shouts in disbelief.

Credits: antibiotyx

He picks all the lomo fruits, and finds his next clue and a giant key at the bottom of the trunk.

Credits: antibiotyx

What does that the giant key unlock? Where will the map take him next?

Credits: antibiotyx

To be continued…

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written by antibiotyx on 2011-06-30


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    love it!!!

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    U are very CREATIVE!! Super idea!!!

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