LomoBoy Adventure # 2 – The Day He Follows His Analogue Heart


He continues his quest in the urban jungle. He walks and walks and walks…

Credits: antibiotyx

To LomoBoy’s amazement, he stumbles upon his long-time friend, Hairy Harry, suspending from a tree branch.

Credits: antibiotyx

LomoBoy: Oh Harry, glad to see you. It’s been a long time.
Hairy Harry: What are you doing here?
LomoBoy: I need your help. I can’t find Holgaga. Did you happen to see her?

Credits: antibiotyx

Hairy Harry: Aww, that’s bad to hear. Sorry, I didn’t see her. I suggest you ask a fortune-teller. She can help you find her.

Credits: antibiotyx

Following Hairy Harry’s advice, LomoBoy goes on his mission and eventually seeks the predictions of a fortune-teller.

Credits: antibiotyx

LomoBoy: What do the cards say?
Fortune-teller: “The PROPHECIES are in your hands. The END is the BEGINNING. FOLLOW YOUR ANALOGUE HEART and you’ll find her….But your way to Holgaga won’t be easy. Be prepared.”

Credits: antibiotyx

Lomoboy is puzzled with the predictions and ponders about them over and over. “Hands? Heart? End? Beginning? Prophecies? Hmmm…”

Credits: antibiotyx

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS HOLGAGA!!!??? That’s the big question!

Exhausted and perplexed, Lomoboy continues his journey. He lays down the posters on the ground and looks at them if his hunches are right.

He pauses and thinks.

Credits: antibiotyx

“OOOH THAT’S IT! Holgaga is in PARADISE!!!” “I think she’s in the field, that’s our favourite place,” he utters.

Credits: antibiotyx

Every quest has its twists and turns. As LomoBoy is on his way to Paradise, two Digital Monsters come into view. They look very angry and want retaliation.

Credits: antibiotyx

LomoBoy: Come on, my brothers, LET LOOSE! Don’t be mad. I’m not your enemy.

Credits: antibiotyx

Monsters: @%*$&!!!! We want revenge! Let’s get it on.
LomoBoy: Okaaaay, if that’s what you want. You can’t stop me from finding Holgaga!

Credits: antibiotyx
Credits: antibiotyx

The Digital Monsters attack him, but they are no match for LomoBoy’s determination and strength. They end up beaten and defeated to the ground.

Credits: antibiotyx

Without wasting any time, he hastens and finally, LomoBoy reaches Paradise! WOOHOO!!!

Credits: antibiotyx

And to his surprise…

He finds Holgaga with her analogue friends, Diana, Sprocket Rocket, and the rest of the gang. Apparently, they have a gathering which slipped through LomoBoy’s head…

Credits: antibiotyx
Credits: antibiotyx

Holgaga: You have a very bad memory, LomoBoy!
LomoBoy: I forgot about it. My bad. Haha!
Holgaga: You’re amnesiac. What’s new!? :-p
LomoBoy: You’re one naughty girl! But I love you. :-*

Credits: antibiotyx

At long last, LomoBoy is reunited with Holgaga.

To be continued…

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written by antibiotyx on 2011-04-11


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    very nice ! i think it's better than your first ! can't wait to read the next one !

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