Introducing… LomoBoy


In this day and age of digital madness, an analogue hero stands out to change the world, one film after another. Introducing… LomoBoy! His mission is to spread the analogue love to mankind and find the girl of his dreams, LomoGirl.

Credits: antibiotyx

Name: LomoBoy
Age: 21
Civil Status: Single
Mission: To spread the analogue love
Mottos in life: “Future is Analogue!” + “Don’t Think, Just Shoot!”
Hobbies: analogue photography, eating, traveling, sleeping, martial arts

Credits: antibiotyx
Credits: antibiotyx

Some interesting facts about LomoBoy:
- Ambidextrous
- Has a bad memory
- Accident-prone
- “The Digital Monsters” are his antagonist
- A hopeless romantic searching for LomoGirl
- Has lightning fast reflexes
- Believes in fate and fortune-telling
- Happy-go-lucky, friendly, outgoing, sometimes paranoid
- Has two itchy feet, but sucks at reading maps and street signs

Credits: antibiotyx

Follow LomoBoy as he embarks on a series of lomo adventures and unravels many analogue wonders!

UPDATE: The adventures of LomoBoy are now up! Check out:

LomoBoy Adventure #1: Missing: Holgaga (Missing: Holgaga).
LomoBoy Adventure #2: The Day He Follows His Analogue Heart (The Day He Follows His Analogue Heart).

written by antibiotyx on 2011-04-07


  1. icuresick
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    Nice one Sherwin! Looking forward to more adventures of LomoBoy!

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    Lomoboy! :D love it

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    great idea!!! i reaalllyy like the second photo! :D

  5. antibiotyx
    antibiotyx ·

    thanks guys! watch out for his upcoming adventures! i'll post it soon.

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    nice :)

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    Awesome photos!

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    I like the "interesting facts" section. And, of course, the photos are great too.

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    i can´t wait to lomoboy's next adventure!!!

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    You should cum to my neighbourhood. My holga is like borrowing a mates baby.... instant babe magnet! They either know what it is, want to or show me theirs :o

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    really cool photos !

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    I think I know who LomoBoy is :D

  22. antibiotyx
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    @adi_totp ssshhh...don't spill the beans. it's top secret. haha.

  23. adi_totp
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    hahahaha.. sssshhhhh :D

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  25. lawypop
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    hahah!! GO GO GO lomo boy!!

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    yeah same with adi, i think i know who he is...hehhe, great stuff btw

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    im willing to be lomogirl! hahaha :D so cute!