Dear Holgaga


That was a year ago, I was jaded
and found myself longing for that vague feeling
of being interested despite being disinterested,
not quite sure what it was,
but I wanted something tangible, concrete,
something I could touch, feel, play with,
a respite from ennui.

I found you.
And the rest is history – our lomo story.

Credits: antibiotyx

Since then, we created a plethora
of good, nostalgic memories and imageries,
both figurative and abstract, painterly and vivid,
washed-out and colorful, and together,
we unravelled the magic of Velvia and other analogue wonders,
as I, and my ever-itchy feet, dared to explore
different terrains and territories,
and capture landscapes, lines, skies, faces, lights, emotions,
and anything under the sun and moon.

But just like any other love story,
we had our share of frustrations and defeats.
Sometimes, I’m impatient and you’re too moody,
you like darkness when I desire colours,
At times, I heart you, but you hate me.

Despite it all, one thing’s for sure: I adore your unpredictability,
you never fail to impress, excite, amaze, stimulate, surprise me.
I know you get mad at me whenever I leave you
and take Diana on a date.
But don’t be jealous, my dear, you’re my first love, and always will be.

It was love at first sight.
So glad I found you.
Let’s continue our history – our lomo story.

Happy Valentine’s, Happy First Anniversary, I Love You, Holgaga!

written by antibiotyx on 2011-02-12

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  1. titidvivant
    titidvivant ·

    Diana and Holga, always competing for human love and attention! Good story