THE 11TH FILM ROLL | 11th June 2020 |

This film roll is made by OLYMPUS OZ10 PANORAMIC, FUJICA DRIVE, MINOLTA X-700. It has lots of accident when I using. [ 1st ] I took about 10 shoots with OLYMPUS OZ10 PANORAMIC in the raining evening, but I didn't aware of I was using expired film ( I knew after coming back home, looked film's box, and...saw the expired date is 2003/12/01, haha lol ) I predicted this shoots will be lacked light. [ 2nd ] I reloaded the film roll for loading it again to Fujica Drive, a part of it has been slipped out and exposed >"< I use this camera from the morning to night, end roll. [ 3rd ] When reloaded, it stuck, I opened the back's camera to see what happened ( too crazyyyyyyyyy !!! ) then, loaded it to MINOLTA X-700, went around Bùi Viện Street at night, end roll again. On the way to a lab for developing film, my bike tire cover exploded... I had to fix it and came back home, went to the lab in another day. This film roll is overlapped at least 3 times, with many accidents, I thought I wouldn't be received photographs. This result made me surpriseddddddddddd !!!

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