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Hi .......My Flickr Page Is.......

Love Life Through A Lens <3

Most people know me as spike I think it has something to do with the spikey face.
Im a pro photographer who loves to experiment with all kinds of shooting....put it in my hand if it takes a picture i will surely be happy and have fun playing.
Ive always loved Lomo for many years now and have accumulated quite a lot of cameras.
I have also just started to develop my own b/w film at home, which is lots of fun I must add.

Holga 120 GCFN
Lomo Fisheye
Olympus Trip
Olympus Pen
Polaroid Land 1000
Box Brownie Flash B
Zenit E
Fed 2
Fed 4
Voigtlander Vitoret
Lomo Colorsplash
Mini Diana
Minolta X-300
Belair X 6-12
Lomo LC-A
Superheadz Golden Half
Uboot Action Sampler
Ricoh 500G
Zenit EM
Lubitel 166B
Sprocket Rocket
Canon EOS 300
Lomo Fisheye Baby II
Diana F+
Lomo Spinner
Holga 135BC TLR
Superheadz Superwide
La Sardina CZAR
P-Sharan Wide Pinhole
Black Plastic Toy Camera (don't know its real name)
Underwater Re-usable Camera (with housing)
Underwater Re-usable camera (without housing)
Polaroid 170BV
Mamiya C33
Fujifilm ZoomDate 115s
Polaroid P 600
Polaroid Land 230
Polaroid Image 2
Lomo Instant
Zenit EM (body only)

Polaroid SX-70 Land
Polaroid Image System
Pentax ASAHI

Canon 5D
Canon 40D
Canon Powershot G9
Fuji Finepix S7000
Fuji Finepix S9500
Olympus SZ-31MR

41 976

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