I am Andrew Paffrath (a.k.a. andrew Medium, a.k.a. indy Contrast, a.k.a. Panda Bear, a.k.a. Doug, a.k.a. Man-dy). I reside in Flagstaff, Arizona, United States, North America, World. I love it here.

I have been futzing around with cameras since I was real, real tiny. I think it all began with my discovering a 110 format cartridge camera in a box of Kellogg's Corn Flakes in the early 90's (I was 5 or 6). I know I terrorized my mother to constantly provide me with film for that camera and I suppose my father in witnessing this all, 10 years later, gifted me his Olympus OM1.

I still employ my OM1, but I have expanded my collection to include: a Lomo Fisheye 2, a Holga 120N, Holga 120N modified to shoot 35mm film (a la Sprocket Rocket), a Woca 120, a Holga pinhole, a Lomo Cybersampler, a Lomo Actionsampler as well as an arsenal of goodies complimenting my ever-expanding cache of cameras. Welcome to my Lomohome and thank you for visiting.


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