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    I felt like I knew her now, at least as well as one could. She was sensitive yet easy to be with, not the fickle, high maintenance girl I'd imagined. She always forgave my clumsiness. I understood that she had others, she gave her love so freely, so innocently, that I couldn't be jealous. I was happy to visit them and try and catch a glimpse of her. After all I knew, somewhere in the back of my mind, that she was as transient as life itself, and when she was gone, she would be gone forever.

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  • parque do ibirapuera - auditório

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  • midtown

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    photos of the un-official beginning of Summer - Memorial Day weekend!

  • Gorgeous view

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    Went on a hike with my dad, and changed our course three times. Finally, we decided to hike partway up the back of Koko Head. I forgot how wide the Fisheye lens actually was and over compensated for a lot of shots. It was a cloudy morning so the pictures aren't very happy looking. But I still had a great time!

  • Great day!

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    Family camp at Pu'ukahea! Awesome day paddle boarding with my friends :)

  • Walking the Waikiki strip

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    Haven't gotten a chance to use my lovely Horizon in a while, so I took it with my to church camp and around Waikiki :) Love the results, except for the strange blue lines that go across some of the photos...anyone know what that's from?

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  • ..EIR

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    first try in Color Infrared ..and definitely not the last!

  • Plenty To Smile About

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    The first three rolls from my 2010 film renaissance aka the year I went back to shooting in 35mm!

  • Go Skateboarding Day 2011

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    late post haha

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  • at Waterfront

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  • more balloons

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  • Sagrada Família de Gaudí (Barcelona)

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  • Back To Basics: Aperture and Depth of Field

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  • POOL

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    The Sprocket Rocket in Sta. Monica then at the Arts District :)

  • cartwheel

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    I never think of myself as a water person. When people ask "Are you a beach person?" or "Are you a water person?" the more sardonic part of me wants to reply by informing them that the human body is about 60% water, so we are, in fact, all "water people", myself included — we literally cannot exist without it. Usually though, I respond by stating that, although I'm very fond of the ocean, for example, I'm only fond of it in the sense that I like knowing it's nearby. The thought is comforting somehow. But even though I quite like living close enough to the sea to look out at it, or breathe in the salt air, or listen to the waves lap at the shore at nights, I'm not really sure what to do with the ocean. I'm an animal of the inner city. I live amongst the power lines and alleyways and hole-in-the-wall cafes and bars; rooftop gardens and dirty gutters. I like looking for beauty in the decaying concrete jungle, and the only swimming I do seems to be in the mountains of work that pile up around me. Having said that, I'm also a traveler. If not by design then out of necessity. And looking back over my lomographs it's suddenly clear to me how much water I've crossed on my travels, and how much time I've spent on the sandy edges of continents — sipping cocktails while the sun goes down, or marvelling at bikini-clad beauties, or throwing frisbees, or spearing calamari. Once I had to drive speedboats for a children's tv show I was in. I wish I had some pictures of that... So what would I miss the most about water if it was suddenly and inexplicably taken away? That's an easy one: Life. And I don't mean existence — the two are different things. I don't just mean waking up in the morning, opening your eyes and breathing the air into your lungs — I mean living; diving headfirst into a crashing wave at Maroubra, feeling a bite on the end of your fishing line at Cape Leveque, watching the sun rise over Lake Michigan, cartwheeling down Huntington Beach. Water is life.

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  • Walt Disney Concert Hall

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    Amazing building by Frank Gehry

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  • señoras que hacen de la playa el salón de su casa

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    Tan ricamente, sentadita en la playa, de tertuia... "pues, sí, parece que se ha nublado la cosa!"

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  • Madrid and Toledo

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    A mixed selection of colour photos from Madrid and Toledo. I had a great time visiting these incredible cities with @atria007. Thanks again <3

  • Paris

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    Paris <3

  • Balloons

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  • Tulip Squares and Sprockets

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    Mid may and Spring has just arrived in Calgary. I shot these tulips at Olympic Plaza using various films. I really love the Velvia and Agfachrome results.

  • Eiffel Tower

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    Eiffel Tower, Paris, November 2012

  • Eiffel Tower

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    Eiffel Tower, Paris, November 2012

  • Eiffel Tower

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    Eiffel Tower, Paris, November 2012

  • paulista

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    na avenida mais famosa da cidade

  • Double with my idol - trashpilotin

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  • First roll of Kodak Aerochrome

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    I was introduced to her by some friends and it was love at first sight. I knew I had to make her mine. So I took her out in the countryside in the late summer sun to get to know her better. As we walked I realised I didn't even know her name, so she leaned in close and whispered....Aerochrome.

  • Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth

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    Some more shots from the 2011 Calgary Stampede with my Sprocket Rocket.

  • Louvre

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    I tested a new film - the Fuji T64 and I love it. It's more blueish and more contrasty than the Astia 100F. ------ --------