Make it positive

For some reason that I don’t understand, when I got my packet from the lab, they had x-processed my Fuji Velvia 100 but printed and burnt onto a CD only negative images – like this one:

Credits: anarollemberg

Actually, I liked this one – those creepy eyes, but I wanted my shots to be positives. As it was late to go back to the lab, I decided to do it myself using PhotoFiltre. Well, I’m not into editing photos at all so… all I did was hit the button “adjust – negative”.

As I was curious wondering how it would have turned out if done properly on the lab (plus, they forgot to scan 4 frames), I decided to go back there and ask them to re-do the whole thing.

Lab positives

Credits: anarollemberg

My positives

Credits: anarollemberg

After seeing both results, both “final shots”, I have to admit that I’m still not sure what I prefer. Because, in spite of the results achieved, there’s the fact that I feel uncomfortable using editing software.

Maybe it’s time for me to let loose a little and embrace the benefits of it…

written by anarollemberg on 2011-03-24