Australian Summer Rolls In


You know Summer is here when:

(1) You wake up to sunlight coming through your open window, hung over from a night at the footy club.

(2) You jump out of bed and go straight to the beach, listening to the cricket on the radio.

Credits: amyrose

(3) You get sun burnt, dumped by waves, covered in sand.

(4) You read Cloudstreet laying on your towel, constantly swatting flies away.

Credits: amyrose

(5) You get burnt feet from the hot bitumen.

(6) You go into town for fish and chips for lunch and eat them by the river.

Credits: amyrose

(7) You drink a “shandy”, and have a mid-afternoon nap.

(8) You wake up to a cool breeze, the afternoon sunlight and the sound of sprinklers.

(9) You sleepily walk outside to the smell of the BBQ.

Credits: amyrose

All in all a perfect Summer Sunday.

written by amyrose on 2010-11-29


  1. dyluzo
    dyluzo ·

    Nice article I've been to Australia in Dec. 14 years ago on our honeymoon .It was so fanny to see the kids sing Christmas carols in there mini clause out fits!

  2. amyrose
    amyrose ·

    Thanks! Yes it must be a bizarre site to see people down the beach and BBQing around Christmas time!