• This Is For You

    written by amirulshahrom on 2011-07-20
    This Is For You

    This is for you is a project for "Make Your Prophecy" rumble. This one is for all the lomographer here. Every tear off pieces off paper is for you and each color portrays originality, authenticity and eternity.

  • My first best picture

    written by amirulshahrom on 2011-03-27
    My first best picture

    It happens about a year ago, where i was about to give up in a lomography/analogue world, however this lomograph saved me from quitting, and from that moment i was in love with lomography and since that i never go digital and stuck in analogue world. This is true story.

  • Weekend i'm in love !

    written by amirulshahrom on 2011-03-24
    Weekend i'm in love !

    5 days of massive workloads, and weekends cure everything. What i love most about weekend is I'm free from workloads (temporarily) and all i think is just to have fun and snap a lot of pictures.

  • LCA

    written by amirulshahrom on 2011-01-07

    It's early in the morning, and i can't stop thinking about LCA.

  • 2010 past in a blink of an eye.

    written by amirulshahrom on 2010-12-29
    2010 past in a blink of an eye.

    2010 has bring me joy and wonderful moments, i have found the one in January and i fell in love with lomography since February 2010. I couldn't ask for more. However, there are ups and downs during the journey of 2010 and i am grateful for what i have now. Thank you God, thank you everyone and many thanks to lomography and all the analogue cameras and lo fi cameras that captured the moments along the journey.

  • I fell in love with this lady, and then i fell in love with analogue.

    written by amirulshahrom on 2010-11-23
    I fell in love with this lady, and then i fell in love with analogue.

    I skipped photography class, i have sold my digital camera because i thought photography is boring until i found the one who inspired me to love photography.