Essential Accessories for the Lomographer About Town: The UltraPod Tripod

Welcome to my first blog entry about products and items that I personally find useful when I galavant about town taking photos with one of my many cameras. Today’s topic is the UltraPod 1 by Pedco. A tiny, super lightweight and multi-versatile tripod that fits easily into your bag, purse, backpack or pocket. This light weight tripod is very affordable and it’s tiny size makes it a no-brainer for any photo adventure you might have.
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This mini-tripod is easy to like thanks to it’s many lovable features. The first thing you will notice is how light it is at just over 2 ounces. The small size is also a standout feature as well. I like that it will fit into my pocket or tuck into any place free in my bag with my camera gear, backpack or similar.

The tripod itself folds up nicely into a lovely compact package, and then when you are ready to use it, you just unwind the long velcro strap, fold out the legs and you are good to go. The ball head mount and it’s ratcheting connection to the tripod itself ensure that your Holga or Diana or similar stay firmly in place, and give you lots of interesting ways to aim your camera. If you want to get adventurous, instead of standing the tripod on the legs, you can keep the legs folded and use the velcro strap to wrap it around a tree branch, fence post, sign post or any object that the long strap will reach around. Then simply aim your camera, tighten the mount and you are ready to shoot photos without worry of camera shake.

It’s big brother, the UltraPod 2 is also available, with enough strength to hold a larger camera with more weight to it as well as a wider base for the tripod. And if you need something smaller, there’s also the UltraPod Mini. I found that the UltraPod 1 will easily hold up most of my cameras, including almost all of my Lomography cameras. Keep in mind that if the camera is heavy or the weight is not distributed near the mount on the camera, it may not hold it as well. So use your best judgement when using the UltraPod to decide if it will work for your camera(s) or not.

The price is right for these little tripods as well and they tend to run under $20 USD depending on which model you get. The UltraPod 1 can be had for the cost of a few beers at the pub.

I hope you find this blog entry useful and maybe you also become a fan of the UltraPod line of tripods from Pedco. I know I love mine and I got several to keep in each of my bags, as well as one for the car. That way I am never without a quick and easy to use means to steady my camera as I take photos.

alienmeatsack aka Robn

Price: Around $10-15 USD

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written by alienmeatsack on 2013-01-18


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    I was a bit nervous, so I hope the video turned out ok. Everything I talked about is also in the text portion of the blog post.

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    it may not hold it as well