I wanted to know what would happen if one were to put some black and white developer in with color developer. I’ve done one before the other before, but never together.

(Lomography Cine200 film, oops.)

I always enjoy the results of Dektol as a black and white developer. It was intended for paper but makes crisp contrasty images when used on film. I usually use a 1+3 ratio for 3 minutes on black and white film. Or 1+7 for 7 minutes if I want to use less Dektol.

Here I am, loving Dektol, and having this exhausted color developer to deal with. What do I do?

You guessed it.. I decided that I would mix 1+3 of the Dektol and the color developer and put film in it. Film…In it. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. Stand back, this is science. (Insert science backdrop and sound effects here.) Ok, it’s more just madness then science, but I had to know what I’d get.

Depending on the exposure for each frame, the look will vary. Underexposed looks dark and brown/tan and muddy. But if over exposed, you get lots of pale color peaking through.

(Kodak Vision2 250D expired.)

Was it worth it? Sure. Would I do it again. Maybe, but I’d do a little less Dektol.

And I have to remember to over expose the next time because it makes this…

Credits: alienmeatsack

written by alienmeatsack on 2014-08-03