A Slow Start to 2014

Last year, I shot 7000+ photos on film and uploaded most of those here. This year, I have only shot a tiny fraction of what I had last year at this time.

Several reasons factor into this… I’ve had a lingering cold that I lovingly call “The Crud” for months and only just recently started feeling better. It started in November of 2013 and lasted 3 months!

Secondly, the weather has just been not so fun here. I can only shoot so many rolls of film using so many cameras in so many ways when it’s overcast and dreary before I feel like enough is enough.

I also think my progression has slowed due to the fact that I’ve not been buying nearly as many inexpensive new film cameras as I did last year. My tastes have grown and the cost has grown. Previously, I was finding $5 USD to $50 USD cameras left and right that I’d like for my shooting collection. Now, it’s $50 USD to $3000 USD cameras I want. Obviously I do not have the budget for all of that in one shot. And since I always shoot a few test rolls with each new camera, lens, etc, and have not had as many new pieces of gear, I’ve not shot as many rolls.

My film collection has grown, I can tell you that. My fridge and freezer are nearly full of films ready for happier sunnier weather. I long for spring days, hiking trips, photo walks, sunny self portraits and all those wonderful happy times that are just around the corner.

For now, I feel like I’ve gotten behind. And the fact that I think that bugs me. I do not want to feel obligated to shoot. I want to love to shoot and do so with passion.

Spring, where are you!?

written by alienmeatsack on 2014-02-10