Lomochrome Purple ESB

I had to know what happens if you expose both sides of Lomochrome Purple. So I did just that. I shot the first normal side using a Sprocket Rocket for wide overlapping coverage for the first pass. On the second pass, I had a blackout of some kind which makes one forget which camera you were shoot for the next side. I think it's a Lomo LC-A.

ANYWAY. So this is my first roll of Lomochrome shooting both sides. But I did use the rule that the normal side's sweet spot is around 200 ISO. And I recently learned from shooting the other side, that it's perfect spot is around 25-50 ISO. I picked 50 since it was pretty bright and I wanted to keep it in the zone.

I was very happy with the results. He says after 349 pages of chattering on about it.

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