• Taipei 101

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    Taipei 101

    The world's tallest building is now in Taiwan. With a height of 508 meters- and 101 stories above ground and five stories below - the Taipei 101 building has surpassed the 462-meter Sears Tower in Chicago and the 451-meter Petronas Twin Tower in Malaysia to acquire the title "world's tallest building."

  • Green Island

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    Green Island

    As we approached the angular features of the island set against gunmetal gray skies, I tried to think about what to expect. I realized I knew little of the island, save that it was famous as a prison, had good diving, and had hot springs on the beach!

  • Chiufen Town

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    Chiufen Town

    Chiufen Town is a small and beautiful town, located on a mountainside overlooking the Pacific Ocean and is one of Taiwan's cultural treasures. A visit there offers a chance to escape from the city and to imagine what life was like many years ago. You can feel the old atmosphere here. The old brick buildings offer a charming, relaxed view. The narrow, stone alleyways and steep stairways suggest an old-fashioned way of living. The whole place has a colorful and romantic air about it.

  • The Martyr's Shrine

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    The Martyr's Shrine

    The Martyr's Shrine is located near Yuanshan on Beian Rd., near the lush mountains and facing the Keelung River. The Shrine was completed in 1969 and its grand architecture covers a large area of ground. Inside the shrine are the numerous plaques of martyrs as well as pictures illustrating the history of the building of our nation, a tribute to the selflessness of these brave people.

  • SanXia Old City

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    SanXia Old City

    SanXia Old Street started becoming popular during the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1912). During the Japanese colonial era, MinQuan Old Street was completely destroyed, while SanXia district became prosperous through the production and sale of tea, camphor, timber and coal. Since then, MinQuan Old Street has been slowly reconstructed.

  • Shao He Ting Antique Market

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    Shao He Ting Antique Market

    Chaoheting Market originated from a fair called Lung-an Market, run by the Taipei City Government. It was full of stalls selling all kinds of meat, fish, and fowl. Located in the heart of one of the most popular tourist areas in Taipei city, Shao He Ting sells a wide variety of antiques from Taiwan's Japanese colonial era (1895-1945). These include ticket stubs, movie posters, toys, jade ornaments and store signs, as well as larger items like tables, chairs and cabinets. Every weekend, this market is crowded with antique dealers from all over the island, as well as local residents and tourists. I like old lights here, they are so special and old. But I have too many lights in my room now.

  • The Wall - Live House

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    The Wall - Live House

    The Wall was opened by the Live House, the independent trade mark, the phonograph record line and by some of independent music singers. Why is it called "The Wall"? "The Wall" was one of the albums of Pink Floyd. It is the spirit of rock. If you are a fan of rock, you have to come here to The Wall. Live performances by local and foreign bands, arranged on Friday and Saturday nights, on a specific holiday and so on, other time intervals non periodically conduct the activities.

  • Dalida Café

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    Dalida Café

    Dalida café is XiMenDing's latest hippest addition to the icing of western Taipei. Dalida takes its name from a French diva, who makes regular appearances on the sound system of this Euro-style cafe. Taking advantage of its location on the square in front of the Red Theater, Dalida expands outwards with an outdoor patio and a terrace on the second floor.

  • Fukuei Cape Lighthouse

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    Fukuei Cape Lighthouse

    Fukuei Cape Lighthouse lies at the very northern end of Taiwan Island. Fukuei Cape Lighthouse often has to deal with fall and winter mist as well as with an unstable climate. To solve the problem, Japanese added a foghorn in the lighthouse, which can warn the boats when the mist is too strong.

  • Honeymoon Bay

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    Honeymoon Bay

    Mounting the waves becomes more challenging and exciting as the cold winter months creep in. All around Taiwan, swells from September to October are 3-5 feet (one to nearly two meters). The largest waves, 5-6 feet (two meters), are found from November to February. So seriously, if you want to catch the best waves, it's time to boogie.

  • Longshan Temple

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    Longshan Temple

    Longshan Temple was built in 1738 by Fujianese immigrants as a branch of the original Longshan Temple in Fujian Province. It was started in 1738 and completed in 1740. During 200 years the Mt. Longshan temple has gone through many construction works and renovations. The main entrance opens only during the festive celebrations therefore usually all enter from the temple gate - right side gate.

  • Holiday Resort in San Jhih

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    Holiday Resort in San Jhih

    It is an abandoned holiday resort in San Jhih, a mall town on the north coast of Taiwan. It has been abandoned for more then 20 years. People call it "UFO house". The man who supposedly designed the flying saucer room is an architect from Finland Matti Suuronen. He designed the flying saucer shape in 1968 (UFO). The glass fiber system house calls "Futuro". Bit later the same year, the production cost of Futuro became more expensive, as well as producer Polykem had not consummated the plan to develop Futuro, and sold the design idea right to many countries carelessly, therefore you can see Futuro in so many places around the world.

  • Chuan Jia Hakka Restaurant

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    Chuan Jia Hakka Restaurant

    Situated on busy Guang Fu Road. Chuan Jia Hakka Restaurant has a unique wooden shop front that makes it stand out from the rest of the buildings on either side. Inside, all three floors are decorated in what looks to be traditional Hakka style. The restaurant is traditional Taiwanese style.

  • Da Vinci Café

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    Da Vinci Café

    At the Davinci Cafe; situated in BeiTou's Taipei National University of the Arts, one can see the entire city of Taipei by night. Looking out the full-length windows, one can even see the Taipei 101. Davinci Cafe not only possesses great views, but their cuisine is also authentic Italian. Whether it is the Grilled Veal Tenderloin Fillet with Goose Liver Sauce, the mixed seafood Plate with Cream Lemon Sauce or other Italian pasta dishes, the food and the views are equally good. All the bread and desserts in the salad bar are prepared by chefs from Hong Kong. The food is so delicious!

  • Masai Market

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    Masai Market

    Masai Market is also called 'Tuesday Market', which is in the capital city of Kenya - Nairobi. There are over fifty Masai women who sell traditional wares including beadwork and baskets. In Kenya's market, even in some stores, bargaining back and forth is very natural matter. Art of bargaining has a very deep foundation in Kenyan culture, and was considered as must-be commercial skill.

  • Pisces cafe and restaurant

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    Pisces cafe and restaurant

    Located in the busy area around the National Taiwan University, Pisces Cafe is decorated in the traditional Mediterranean colors of blue and white and is a popular hangout for students. This cafe is named for the owner's star sign. There are many kinds of drinks and any of them go for half price when you order a meal or snack.

  • Keelung City

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    Keelung City

    Keelung is a port city in the north of Taiwan, near the capital, Taipei. Probably the easiest way to get to Keelung from Taipei is by commuter train, which ply the route every 15 to 20 minutes. It is a good place to play on weekends. You can visit Taiwan's scenic northeast coast. The sea is so blue and clean. I enjoy the moment sitting on beach and talking with good friends. You can also see some small islands in the ocean. Keelung is near the sea, so there are many fish.

  • Weekend Flower and Jade Market

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    Weekend Flower and Jade Market

    Both are on JianGuo South Road. The Jade Market stretches from RenAi Road almost to ZhongXiao East Road and the Flower Market from XinYi Road to RenAi Road.

  • Shi Lin Night Market

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    Shi Lin Night Market

    Beyond a doubt, Shi Lin Night Market is one of the most famous night markets in Taipei, making it a long-time favorite among residents and tourists, locals and foreigners. When you go to Shi Lin Night Market, be sure not to eat beforehand. The food there is simply too delicious to pass up. The prices are low, the servings are generous and the variety seems endless - cold, hot, sweet, sour, salty, spicy, fish, fowl; if it can be eaten, they probably have it. Don't worry about not being able to find what you want to eat. Rather, worry that you might not be able to finish everything you want.

  • Bitan Scenic Area

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    Bitan Scenic Area

    If you're looking for that weekend escape but can't seem to get the time to leave town, BiTan is the answer. Whether you've got a few hours, or the whole day, this riverside boardwalk provides a wealth of recreational activities and relaxation in a natural setting. Any sunny weekend you can join the crowd riding the MRT to XinDian, at the end of the Green Line, to visit BiTan.