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  • shivers!

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    huge ollie from adrian and it looks like hes ollieing charley.

  • Random Photos, 1st Roll of Film Through Zeiss…

    shared by herbert-4 on 2010-06-06

    1st roll of film through the Tenax. Works beautifully, easy to get developed, but a heinous pain in the bopbop to get scanned. Square format negative confuses commercial autoscanners, especially Noritsu's. This caused the photo tech children (absolute riot grrrls) at CVS photo kiosk to shriek naughty things in Armenian at their scanner and kick it several times (managing gnome not present). The software was upgraded, and 2 of them still have Instamatic 126's. I had to have it custom scanned at Canada Camera, costing US$53 for 49 negatives. Too much, I need to get my own scanner.

  • White Road

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