The Praktica that Failed!


The shutter on my Praktica BMS has gone. Not a battery problem, battery works fine, but the shutter will no longer open at any shutter speed except 60-it just does the Praktica ‘clunk!’ and doesn’t move. The fact that the camera is internally mostly electronic components and that the shutter speeds are therefore computer controlled means that this is now a non-economic, if not an impossible repair-there is no ‘manual’ setting, and so nothing to do now but throw the body in the bin, which I really HATE doing. I mean I REALLY hate such waste, a big part of the reason I began collecting older cameras was because of my belief they deserve to be used rather than gather dust. Even as a parts camera however, this is no longer going to be sought after-it’s basically just landfill now, from it’s mirror and metal parts to its neat plastic body. But it does underline my long held belief that the more electronics you have in a camera, the more can go wrong and then also be annoyingly unfixable by anybody. The electronic settings are therefore a great convenience, but potentially also a serious liability, and I really hate it when a camera this pretty and handy suddenly becomes a useless paperweight because of them. However I have my beloved older cameras like the Praktica FX2, Fed 2, or Praktica IV, and my Tessar lenses to keep me warm….

written by alex34 on 2012-09-20


  1. chilledvondub
    chilledvondub ·

    never had that problem with praktica but asahi pentax on the other hand they are awful! MG,MESuper and K1000 all them bodies mirror sponge lockup which is in excess of £80 to repair!

  2. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I had an AE camera have one part break and it was just A LOT cheaper to find another then get it repaired. I sympathize. At least you still have your other trusty cameras, as you said.