Lovers go bizarre - Like a sea wolf!

Lovers organize heart shaped events in Milan, something really unique and tender at the same time. This year they delighted us with unique and careless days, recenly such a rarity in Milan. They organized funny sunday markets, swap parties and easy going Sundays with hot dog and friends to meet. With the Lovers Milan is no more the grey, muggy, boring city but it becomes a place whre it's still possible to find a place for imagination. Let's have a break we're going to seaside, the most bizzare market in town is turning into a beach for dancing sailors and marmaids. When: sunday 19 th june Where: Bitte, Milan for the occasion it takes out its summery outfit! There were stalls selling vintage and renewal, illustrations typical of a real sea wolf, blu cupcakes, inflatable sea lions and alligators, dj sets, candies and super sangrias! We put on our favourites striped T-shirts, our sunglasses and wore our best smiles!

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