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This community have a lot amazing pic and lomographer!
I can't tell you how I love them >0<
and I decide to take my portrait with these great pic by projector!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but be honestly I'm not satisfied with this results >.<
it's too rush to do this..so I didn't finished all I prepare pic.
I will do this project again when I have more time :)

thanks for they sharing those fantastic pic!
I will upload others pic in coming days.


  1. gotoarizona
    gotoarizona ·

    love it

  2. untangleart
    untangleart ·

    I have that sometimes too that I have a idea and later. I think maybe I have to give it more thought but at the same time it can give you nice surprises. I like the idea and the photos so I look forward to see the next series.

  3. icomewhenieatcaponata
    icomewhenieatcaponata ·

    great idea

  4. soleado
    soleado ·

    Lady in red!

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