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Dear Lomographer Judges (or cupid),

First of all, I do not have a boyfriend, nor have I ever had one. Whilst I have many friends happy with partners, I have yet to discover what that kind of love feels like and everyday I hope that I am one step closer to finding out.

There is someone who I like very much and we are good friends. His name is Pedro originally from Brazil, he lives in London and is a bit of a travelling wanderer (what I like to think of him). We met whilst working at a music festival last year and he kissed me in the rain, both of us sitting on a bench, muddy and wet. This started 11 months of a unique friendship mixed with passionate flings when he was not travelling around Europe on foot discovering wonderful landscapes and people.

However when he was not around, I felt heartbroken, like I was missing something fundamental to my usual happiness. He’s a kindred spirit, very bohemian and musical. I will always remember after being intimate with him, he would sit at the end of the bed, and play my guitar, singing quietly. I soon learnt that the situation of Pedro travelling and working abroad and me studying at uni was not ideal and that I should try and move on. I tried, but a day never passed without me thinking about him. Even small thoughts like: “Oh Pedro would love this song. I should note it down”. Or seeing something that is Brazilian.

Credits: coca

A year from the day we met in late august is fast approaching. And I would love to be able to celebrate my friendship with him and show him that he means a lot to me still, even if things will never be serious.

I would hire two bikes (mine with a cute basket): approx 60€

We both pack our things and embark on the Avenue Verte cycle route to Paris from home (ldn). He’s always wanted to do this, and I also enjoy cycling. This may take us 4-7 days depending on our speed. But I would rent a small rural cottage down in East Sussex for couple of days. approx 85€. Where we will walk along the coast and have a romantic picnic dinner, Pedro with his guitar and I with my little diana mini.

The ferry crossing will cost 38€ from New haven to Dieppe and then we will continue our route to paris. On the way, taking more snapshots. Once in Paris, we will climb up the top of Montmartre, where we will have a lovely vegetarian candlelit dinner (pedro’s a veggie). with wine of course! 22€.
Then I would have bought 2 cheap canvases 5€ and with my own watercolours, we will paint each other, sitting on the steps and watching the twlight view of Paris. I am very creative, I love drawing and Pedro had once expressed any interest in improving his skills, one day painting me.

Then the reminder of the money which is 40€ will be used to a B&B room somewhere for the night.

But how would we get back? all the money has been spent! well maybe we stay in Paris a little longer than planned and see what fun adventures may be installed for us.

Paris the city of love…

written by akuadanso on 2011-08-02


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    how do you create a hyperlink (or make my blog url) clickable?

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    I like your story, hope you win! (: