Strange New World

I’d never even heard of Lomography before November last year. i blame Tori Amos!

so i now have an intriguing looking plastic camera called TORI that came with a flash and close/wide lenses, and trying to familiarise myself with the concept of it all. i have to say i like it. i wouldn’t have made the jump to purchase if the concept didn’t appeal to me, but it’s still another matter to have it in the home and not even held a manual camera in several years. it’s a little scary!

i’m finding this website more baffling currently. there is no ‘apparent’ way to look up exactly what you want to know, you seem to just surf around and find things of interest and then leap frog to something else. i know i’ll work it all out though.

the extras seem a little expensive, and nowhere local exposes the 120 film, so need to look into where i can send it off to. may invest in the 35mm back though for while i’m learning ‘the ropes’ so to speak.

so what am i getting into with Lomography? i am a creative person but not a huge photographer, even having done a photography course in the past. it was more the effects and softness of the Lomography that intrigued me rather than the ‘purity’ of a perfect photo, which i guess is the point. so here’s to some creative photo’s in my future and a new artistic outlet.

Credits: akamikazebutterfly

written by akamikazebutterfly on 2011-01-29