engineer... media theorist... book artist... poet...

I subscribe to the philosophy of Roland Barthes put forth in his work, 'Camera Lucida', an in-depth look at the photographic film medium from one innocent of technique of critical theory.

I am a student of the Educational Process at UW-Milwaukee and a Maintenance Mechanic for Marquette University.

My interests lie in exposing the beauty of cultural diversity and healing social tension one lomograph at a time.

Currently, as my brushes on the lomographic palate, I use a Yashica Electro 35 GS refurbished by Mark Hama, a Polaroid One Step, A Ricoh XR-10M SLR, and a Diana Mini. I am building an original Canon EOS 650 from parts gleaned from eBay and will be experimenting with the Diana Lens attachment and a 38mm Wide Angle Lens in the near future.

Recently I purchased an ION Film2SD scanner and have been converting my lomographs straight from uncut negative rolls. The ION scanner tends to integrate more flaws into the digital upload than originally exist and I have accepted this as part of my unique lomographic perspective.

My wife likes the Diana Mini so if I appear in an uploaded photo you can bet she took it.


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