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    More details on handmade color processing here: ... More details on macro shots taken with a Holga here: ... More details on how to modify your Holga aperture here:

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  • Julia Margaret Cameron Black and White Portrait Rumble

    written by nyebe on 2012-03-16 #news
    Julia Margaret Cameron Black and White Portrait Rumble

    Portrait photography is part of this month's theme. And not only that, our weekly tribute features another famous, influential portrait photographer, Julia Margaret Cameron. Join us in this black and white portrait rumble. Read on for more info.

  • proud to present: Doubles with uslan

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    using the OLD agfa ct please have a look at his lomohome

  • Kiev 88CM light leak

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    So after gaining much film from work :) i headed out with my not so reliable Kiev 88CM, the back doesn't fit so sometimes you get light leaks. i covered the gap over and tried by best, but light is relentless and never gives up. Heres the results.

  • Instant Lomowalk with @boobert

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    A shout out in facebook was all it takes to organize instant lomowalks

  • Unmasking Negativity #1

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    Part of a set of photos for an experimental project organized by ThirtySix (

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  • La défense

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    the buisy part of Paris.

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  • Meet the LabRats of LomoLab UK!

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    Meet the LabRats of LomoLab UK!

    Ever wondered who makes the magic happen in the LomoLab? Hold tight, we're about to introduce you to the downright sexy LabRats of LomoLab UK!!

  • Photokina 2010

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    During the photokina 2010, the Hasselblade booth offers to photographers to try out their cameras and to shoot some great models. Luckily, also lots of other photographers around (like me) had the possibility to take some picturs with their own cameras! I went there many times to see all the models in different dresses and love the results with Diana. The scenerie was done by the photograph Tom Hagemeyer from France.

  • Auschwitz

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    The cold, horrifying and uncomfortable feeling you get when you enter the concentration camp...

  • Nikon F80

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    a bunch of older shots taken with my Nikon F80

  • Nikon F80

    shared by cornborn on 2011-03-21

    a bunch of older shots taken with my Nikon F80

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  • venetian plague-doctor-mask

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    my 1st experiment!