Hong Kong, Wong Tai Sin Temple, Yashica Mat, 05 2013

“Wong Tai Sin Temple, a Taoist temple established in 1921, is one of the most famous temples in Hong Kong. Wong Tai Sin Temple is named after Wong Chuping. When Wong Chuping was 15, he began to follow Taoism. Forty years later, he achieved enlightenment and became immortal. People called him Wong Tai Sin from then on. It is said that he punishes evils, heals the wounded, and rescues the dying”……………………..Todd (@trw) thanks for the film!!!


  1. 134340
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    nice place nice photos!

  2. ug_a
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    beautiful colors!

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  4. davidb
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    Amazing frames and colours.

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    @davidb ...thanks a lot my friend!!! hope everything is well

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    @davidb @ug_a @134340 @grazie ....thanks a lot you guys for visting and comments!!! preciate!!

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    Love this!

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    and you're welcome! :-) I wish I could remember what kind of film this was - I really love the colors!

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    beautiful shot!!