Sprockets: You are both beautful.....and angular.

I took my first trip down the road of “Sprocket Photography” recently. It’s a wonderful and exciting style of lomography. I’ve been attracted to sprocket photos since I first saw one posted on someone’s flickr stream several years ago. To me sprockets represents the very basis of analog photography. Turning a blind eye to borders, frames, crops, masks and all other forms of pre (or post) image manipulation brings you to the core of what sprockets is all about.

I used my Holga 120GN without a mask and slightly modified with a DIY hybrid 120/35mm film spool to capture color sprockets on a 24exp roll of Kodak Gold 200. My choice of subjects weren’t the greatest – perhaps I was unprepared for the mini panoramic-like width of shooting un-masked 35mm film in a Holga. But I was pleased with the eleven or so sprocket captures and can’t wait to try again.

I recently acquired the Lomography Sprocket Rocket – a 35mm sprocket camera modeled after the Falcon Miniature Bakelite camera popular during the 1940’s. This camera captures wide angle / panoramic style sprocket images – I can’t wait to run a few roll of color film through this camera. I’m doing a photo project “Analog Project 2011” which involves shooting with a different film camera each month for an entire year. So far I’ve used my Diana Mini Petite Noire, my Bronica ETRSi medium format, and just this month the Holga 120GN. Later this year I whip out the Sprocket Rocket….stay tuned! Follow my Analog Project 2011 on the web via the following links:
Dred242 on Youtube – http://www.youtube.com/Dred242
Dred242 on flickr – http://www.flickr.com/photos/dred242/

written by adventuresinanalog on 2012-11-04