• LomoGuru of the Week: Dannyedwards

    written by mayeemayee on 2012-12-16
    LomoGuru of the Week: Dannyedwards

    He admits that Lomography is something very personal to him; a special connection with photography that he has found plus that bridge he is keeping strong with the Lomographic Community.

  • #13324975

    shared by pussylove on 2011-05-17

    Why so many pix of my cats? Not because I am kind of a pathetic grand'ma, just because they are perfect models: They are always available, they never complain, they don't pretend to be the model, they don't do stupid faces like chicken mouth, they don't complain that they are MUCH MORE pretty in real that the picture, they don't care about FB. Nevertheless if some people wants to play the model, please, LET ME KNOW! And yes, I am a pix psychotic...

  • 'The Goonies Mask' Project

    written by goonies on 2012-12-12
    'The Goonies Mask' Project

    About a year ago, after reviewing the film "Amélie," a crazy idea began to flash in my head. I thought, "it would be nice to travel around the world as the dwarf in the film," but I needed to find a way more comfortable and above all, more economical to do this.

  • The Main Lodge Interior 1950's

    shared by marcus_loves_film on 2012-08-22

    I got to stay at the main lodge with the owner while my family stayed in one of the cabins (that didn't have enough beds:). So one night set up my Bronica on a tripod along with two tungsten flood lights to brighten the dark interior. Even though the Ektachrome EPT 160t film expired in 1999 the slides came out wonderfully. Just a little lacking in the blacks (easily corrected in CS5). The owner described to my how ever little knick knack has a story behind it and that much of the decor hasn't changed since the 1960s ! What a wonderful place full of history.