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Name: A.J. “Merlyn” Machado
(Un)Known aliases: Not enough space for all that.
Place of Birth: Baby Factory – Lisbon
Date of Birth: Really nicely aligned
Description: There are no legends on A.J. “Merlyn” Machado. He is a shadow, a whisper, an idea, a nightmare in the mind of his enemies…
(Wouldn’t that qualify him as a legend? Maybe… interesting point of view… I’ll think about that…)
A master in the occult sciences, blades, archery, fire waters, whiskeys and red wines but not all the same time. That would be stupidly dangerous and he only does that on days with even numbers… An artist with any bladed weapon, extreme shooter, and can infuse weapons with flames and magic and sh...stuff, and stuff. Quite handy when fighting dragons and other mythical creatures, or when you want to impress a wench with fireworks…
Merlyn spent years in training his spiritual self to be the most powerful warlock in the world. Right now he is number 21 (the rank is like the ATP tour, it doesn’t matter how good you are it’s all about grand slam tournaments and sponsorships). You can check his latest interview on the April issue of Warlocks and Druids Magazine. It also has some interesting pictures of him in artistic nude. He has quite a pair of legs… hummm… indeed…
It is told that he can fix everything, from engines to catapults, rockets to sick puppies, broken hearts and toothaches, usually with the help of whiskey because he believes that whiskey cures all wrongs and evils.

He is also an amateur in photography and a lifelong member of team analogue


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