Sprocket Rocket goes Infrared

They say "LOAD IN SUBDUED LIGHT" and they mean it!


  1. kakao_026
    kakao_026 ·

    nice sky!

  2. boooya
    boooya ·

    what were your settings? did you shoot in bulb mode?

  3. adash
    adash ·

    @kakao_026 Thanks!
    @boooya No. This is normal 1/100 or whatever the normal speed of Sprocket rocket is. The thing is that the film was Push-processed with about two stops, but apparently this is not enough :-D
    A 720nm IR filter was used for the IR effect.

  4. boooya
    boooya ·

    hmm so i guess 800 ISO for daylight shots would be more ideal when shooting IR. did you set up your shot and just simply hold the filter over the lens or did you tape it on so no light could get in?

  5. adash
    adash ·

    @boooya AFIK this film is available only in 400ASA speed. That's why I tried push-processing.
    The filter was taped in place for convenience. I didn't pay much attention to stray light, since the filter covers the front element with a large margin.