Shoot the sky!

All you need is:
- A film camera with a wide-angle or even better – Ultra wide lens; I used a Pentax MZ-30 with a Sigma 10-20 lens, but I guess anything wider than 28mm will work fine. The wider the lens, the more the fun! It should better have a self timer so that you can safely retreat if you wish to. A panoramic camera should also work.
- A park, garden, or any place in which objects at different distances from the camera can be combined together. The wider the lens, the more of the scene will be in focus without closing the aperture too much:

The ultra wide-angle will also create an extraordinary perspective distortion, making close objects appear much larger than distant ones:
Credits: adash

So, if ready, set the camera to self timer, place it on the ground, facing the sky and shoot!

Credits: adash

Fisheye lenses should be equally as good as rectilinear ones.

written by adash on 2011-04-29