…and I wanted to give a sneak preview to those that read the things that I write.

His n’ Hers by Pulp is one of my most favourite albums of all time. It is deeply sexy, if you are young, it’ll help you make out, if you are old, it’ll make you feel like you did when you were young, and just making out. It’s a clever, wonderful, hot, sleazy album.

It’s also geeky and awkward. It’s love and romance from the point of view of people to whom romance doesn’t come easy.

Finding the photos for it wasn’t easy, just like with Violator, I have had to self censor (there are some very risque pictures on this site). So it will be a good one.

You must, really must find a copy of the album and listed to it if you never have. It sounds better on Vinyl, but if you can track down the record, it’s missing one of the best songs, so you need the CD also. I urge you to try it, you might like it, but you might smudge your lipstick.

written by adam_g2000 on 2012-09-06