Curshing of Japan fest

Starting with texting my beloved friend that i missed her so bad,,,, she got an idea to visit the lomo store in Jakarta,she knew that i fall in love with lomo cameras. and short of i met her near of my highschool and take that way long …

sun is so bright and feel so great,and finally i found that store, i’m not denied it but i REALY WANT ALL OF THEM like i’ll steal and put all of it into my beg haha…

after looking around in lomo store,i got another text from other friend,he told me about japan fest, not much longer we take a bus to going there.

Finally,JAPAN FESTIVAL,oke this pleace is so crazy,crowded and full of foods stands,and what can i say the traditional culture of japanese and those real japanese are awesome ,they doing parede and carry those big things (i dont know what they called it) but its kinda heavy things,they also have drum,dance and food again,i cant count what i just eat,those food are tasty and yummy..

Credits: achmad-magabutz
and the end all of it ,i think i should come to other festival like this one.

written by achmad-magabutz on 2012-04-27