My first encounter with Kaabah alone

Due to the heavy human traffic in the mosque, it is not advisable for you(as a woman) to roam around all by yourself.

I was searching for my dad & uncles in this huge mosque. We (the ladies) were supposed to meet them at the mosque entrance after zuhr prayer. Only this time, they didn't appear before us like always. Earlier, we planned to do sunnah umrah before heading back to our hotel, but the plan changed last minute. I believed the guys didn't quite hear the plan changing details.

So, me being ultra brave that day, offered myself to search them inside the mosque. Even though i'm not quite familiar with the floor plan, I just follow my guts. I believe God will guide me & i won't get lost. He'll look after me as I'm in his house.

While i searched at the usual places, I saw Kaabah in it's glory. Bathed in sun gracefully. I was stunned. But I managed to take out my Sardina & UWS to capture the view as I want to remember this forever. It did.

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