bad dreams

This is what my dreams look and Sound like

I am been struggling with depression for a few years now, and people often ask me what does it feel like, and I try to explain, but this is how one of my dreams could look if I could catch it on film. the music goes very well with the film I think it underlines the paranoia and pain I have been going through.

I hope it speaks to you!!!

music. Mads Erdland Aanum
film: mads Erdland Aanum

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  1. appelmoes
    appelmoes ·

    I understand you completely. Words cannot say how you feel in that situation. In my case the song resurrection from dance pkk say more than words.

  2. cameratalk
    cameratalk ·

    Wow Man great video sorta like idk creepy in a way also get you totally.

  3. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    Inspired by your compatriot Lasse Hoile, perhaps!?! Sample mad - but GREAT - movie of his:

  4. aanum
    aanum ·

    @buckshot: I was just inspired by my life and the dreams I have had the last few years. but I'm happy that you like it :)

  5. ediblestrange
    ediblestrange ·

    Really touching!

  6. aanum
    aanum ·

    @ediblestrange: thank you very much

  7. djimbee
    djimbee ·

    really interesting piece of film and music. they are complimentary. watching it, i didn't feel creeped out or depressed. it actually felt like one of my own dreams in a way. keep experimenting. have you ever heard of the band: mount eerie? some of your images remind me of some of phil elverum's and i could imagine his music accompanying them.

  8. aanum
    aanum ·

    @djimbee: Thank you very much... I don't know the band but I'll have a listen