• Pele

    written by aalper on 2014-06-27

    An analogue take on Tori Amos's "Boys for Pele"

  • Why I Love my LCA+

    written by aalper on 2012-03-09

    How I learned to see through new eyes with my LCA+

  • Funny Games: When Analogue and Digital Work Together

    written by aalper on 2012-01-22

    An in-depth interview, artist Akiko Stehrenberger reveals how she digitally enhanced a 35mm screen shot into the official poster artwork for the U.S. remake of Michael Haneke's "Funny Games".

  • Fear on Film

    written by aalper on 2011-12-31
    Fear on Film

    The emotion of fear and how I learned to love it through photography.

  • What is Beauty?

    written by aalper on 2011-12-04
    What is Beauty?

    A woman jumps to her death from the Empire State Building in 1947 and her body lands on top of a United Nations limousine. A photographer named Robert Wiles was there and took a photo of her dead body and the photograph quickly became known as "The Most Beautiful Suicide".

  • The Adventures of Tori Diana and Me

    written by aalper on 2011-10-04
    The Adventures of Tori Diana and Me

    The Story of Tori Diana and a goofy Lomographer and how they came to be so close.

  • First Pics

    written by aalper on 2011-03-28
    First Pics

    My first portrait shoot.

  • Happy to Have Film Rumble

    written by aalper on 2011-03-24
    Happy to Have Film Rumble

    How a malfunctioning camera and found roll of film can still do the trick.