Together with my wife, I was in Russia visiting her family and friends. One day when we visited her family I ran out of films. So I asked my mother-in-law if she accidentially still has some left because she also still shoots film. She gave me a few and among them was also this one. It seems like to have been already exposed once by my father-in-law on a journey long time ago. What happened now is, without knowing that it was exposed already, I put it in my old LOMO Lubitel because I wanted to try a 35mm film in this medium format camera. The results are here. Somtimes there are no double exposuresat all, so only the journey of my father-in-law or only my shots (even some doubleexposures) or there are nice doubles of two different exposures from approx. 20 years ago and recently in 2015. For me a quite interesting, unexpected surprise. But I really like it.

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