1. myll
    myll ·

    Dear lomographer friend, I have myself a zenit 11 and I've always wondered how I could make some multi exposures, because I'm like crazy about those amazing effects q: If you have some tips to let me know... Tell me :) (ps : love this picture)

  2. _baunovart_
    _baunovart_ ·

    @myll With Zenit 11 its a little bit more complicated and also tricky. But in fact you actually just need to rewind the film as much as you want but not fully - the problem is that you have no control where later the sprockets will grab the film again. And also its more luck to make exact double- or multipleexposures. You can't really make planned ones. If you rewinded the film as much as you think might be right (consider to go a lil bit further because you need to cock the shutter probably a few times and make "empty" shots because the shutter is not fully functioning - it takes a few such "empty" shots to put everything "in order" after the unusual process for the camera to rewind the film not fully) I donno if its understandable how I explained but all that goes with a risk. When I did it too much somehow the ribbon which is connected to cock the shutter with winding the film forward ripped off and it didnt work anymore. So the camera can break. Luckily I have the possibility to go regulary to Moscow so I could let it repair. So making multiple exposures with Zenit 11 goes with a risk to break the camera - you shoudl consider that. A good Zenit for multiple exposures is Zenit E - its more stable. Hope my explanation is helpful

  3. myll
    myll ·

    Yeah thank you! I think I understood the whole picture :)

  4. _baunovart_
    _baunovart_ ·

    thank you for the understanding! ;) @myll

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