A Life Disturbance


This was one of the most difficult challenges I’ve came across.
It was quite an experience,
in a way both good and bad.

I saw it as a break, from school and stress.
Sure was it a relaxing day by the pool,
reading a book and eating chips.
With no disturbance from phone calls or text messages,
reminds me of those summer days…

Yet I sit around wondering whether I’ll make it through the day,
trying not to think about the technology world.
So tempted to turn on my phone again,
and socialize via internet.

So easy to say no,
but actually doing it is rather difficult.
Pulling myself apart from something that had become a part of my everyday life,
is like trying to pull apart two magnetic shields that will never come apart.

Soon I was back in the world of technology again,
the world that never sleeps,
due to technology what I now call ‘A life disturbance’.

Not only has it given me a relaxing break,
but it had opened my eyes to every other thing around me,
from what I can do to how I really feel.

A part of me wished we lived in an analogue world <3

Credits: 15lexig

written by 15lexig on 2011-02-26


  1. lovemylegos
    lovemylegos ·


  2. dyluzo
    dyluzo ·

    Yeah but with out the Internet we would not have Lomography .com !!!
    And the revolution in Egypt would not have happened like it did and now Libya !?
    It is good to get away from it ' take a vacation from digital ones and a while" but we as mankind are to far in it we just need to use it in a smarter way there is to much BS going on in cyberspace !

  3. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    shared opinions! and to @dyluzo international art movements and even the revolutions have always existed long before the advent of the Internet. we ensure that technology is only a means and not an end.

  4. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    I agree, it's a tool and not the only means... Nice article...<:)