Double with lostlittlekid

Bob or lostlittlekid, a lomographer from England. >> | Bob and me double the concept --A-Z-- into this album | He did all A-Z, I did R-D (Random) hahaha :D | cheat? no..oh okay yes | Btw, 6 months already but finally here it is. Enjoy and thanks, Bob!


  1. lostlittlekid
    lostlittlekid ·

    "大家好" (The sign on the left) What is that in Thailand? Just curious as it means "everybody is good" in Cantonese...

  2. 134340
    134340 ·

    @lostlittlekid it's just a little notebook. nice meaning! i had no idea when i bought it haha

  3. lostlittlekid
    lostlittlekid ·

    Haha! It can mean slightly different things depending on the situation but it's normally good :)

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