A Perfect Day for Lomography--and my first best photo!


It was the summer of 2007.

I was reading the office’s newspaper as usual and I came upon an article on a group of Filipino film photographers and their so-called lomographs. I got curious. The photos looked fun, and I noticed the pictures looked different from ordinary ones taken with well, ordinary cameras. I went to the computer and learned about Lomography. I was hooked.

I immediately bought my first camera, a Holga 120N, and some Fuji Superia films.

Then I went to the beach with my friends to unwind. We headed to one of the popular beaches in this part of the world—Batangas, south of Manila.

The sun was bright and the breeze played with the sea, sending ripples of waves to the shore, and making the sea shimmer as it flowed under the blue sky.

There was a little dock made of bamboo where a small boat was waiting. I went to check it out and took a photo.

Credits: 123sajeepney

What can I say, I loved the vignettes and even the little light leak at the bottom!

I’ve taken many sea and beach photos since, but my happy, giddy, film-loving not-bored-anymore self will always have a special spot for that shot of the bamboo bridge, taken that first lovely summer with lomography.

I’m looking forward to my next beach trip! How about you?

written by 123sajeepney on 2011-04-14

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  1. lmr
    lmr ·

    i love the color & the composition